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The Comms person is the right-hand for the Monitor, Broadcast and FOH Operator, as well as a bridge for communication between the operator and all the teams facilitating a service.

A Comms person should always be growing in:

  • Their understanding of the area where they serve.

  • Their understanding of both the technical, as well as operational language.

  • Understanding the flow of the service and preempt and seek out information, rather than waiting for it.

They are outworked practically in the following ways:

  • By receiving and passing on information that enables the operator to make informed decisions.

  • By asking questions and finding out information that is relevant to the operator. In so doing Comms assists, supports and carries the service by empowering their operator in the area they serve in.

  • By being attentive ready to receive information, clarify it if necessary and pass it on in time.

This content is taken from the Hillsong ‘Creative Technology Roles’ guide that covers 10 key creative technology roles in our church, the cultural responsibilities of our team and even practical soundcheck tips. Download the full 26-page guide here.