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There is certainly huge organisational strength in having a high-performing staff. Regardless of whether an organisation is a church or a business, having a highly performing team of staff is important to develop that organisation, to achieve its goals, and ultimately, to fulfill its vision.

Here are three things to remember to manage and improve staff performance:

1. Remember that staff performance is a shared responsibility

The performance of your staff is not just the responsibility of the General Manager, nor does the responsibility solely fall on the Board of Directors. Staff performance is a shared responsibility – everybody has a part to play in ensuring that all departments of the church are functioning effectively.

Ultimately this starts with the Senior Pastor – as they set the vision, the culture, the strategy, the goals, and the management of teams.

Everything comes back to their leadership, but everybody has a part to play.

Where possible it is the responsibility of the human resources team to provide the appropriate resources and training to help this to happen.


2. Remember that people need to be equipped and empowered

Improving staff performance means that individuals need to be up-skilled, so that they can operate and produce at a higher standard.

What systems do you have in place so that you can achieve this?

Whether it’s through coaching, development workshops, or providing specific training sessions, create a system so that you’re investing into people and helping them to grow.

Talent can be in raw form or mature form. Some may think that natural talents in raw form are actually character flaws, but they’re actually talents that haven’t been matured.

It’s our responsibility therefore, to understand what people’s talents are and to provide the right training and resourcing so that this raw talent can be matured into a strength.

3. Remember the importance of finding the sweet spot

It’s so important that when it comes to positioning staff, we help people to find their sweet spot – finding exactly where they fit on a team or organisation.

We have the privilege and responsibility to contribute to someone’s sense of calling. As a result, helping someone find their sweet spot is not something that we should take lightly.

There is something powerful when someone is doing what they love, what they’re good at, and what they have the opportunity to be paid to do.

A high performing team of staff is certainly something that all organisations should seek to achieve.

Inspiring everyone to play their part, empowering individuals, and positioning people in their area of gifting and passion, will help your staff performance to improve and as a result, your organisation to move forward.

This thought was inspired from a webinar entitled “Staff Performance” hosted by our Human Resources team during Online Open Week in February 2016.

Online Open Week is your opportunity to receive impartation and leadership training direct from the Hillsong team through live webinars – completely free.

To watch the full webinar recording click below.