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Championing the Cause of Local Churches Everywhere

Having recently attended both of our Hillsong Conferences in NYC and LA, the first time we’ve ever held the conference in the USA, I’m reminded again of the power of a group of people unified in spirit and cause.

For many people these events would have been the first time they had been in our ‘house’, and there were hundreds of different churches represented of all sizes, ages and denominations. 

We’re excited about the potential for Hillsong to help champion the cause of local churches throughout the USA and North America just like we’ve been doing for 30 years in Australia.

But how do you “champion the cause of local churches everywhere?”

For us a major part of this is all of our annual conferences that have expanded around the globe. But under-girding this has been our Leadership Network – it’s how we can connect with you and your church on a regular and more personal basis.

One of the signature events for the Leadership Network is a members only ‘Open House’ event, held annually prior to our Men’s Conference in Sydney with our Hillsong Senior Team from around the globe.

In fact next week on Thursday 31st October we are opening up one of the ‘rooms’ in our ‘home’, the Hills Campus in Sydney, to you and your team to come and spend a whole day with us.

There will be a mix of up-close and personal sessions with some of our Senior Team that will give you some really practical takeaways for church and ministry. This is a unique opportunity to understand exactly how Hillsong Church functions and will be a huge benefit to any team you bring with you.

By no means do we think we have all the answers, but I wonder what question would you ask the Hillsong team if you had the chance? We might even answer them at the ‘Open House’ or publish future Collected posts about how and why we do what we do.

So what question do you have? Write it below in the comments….

Wherever your church is based, if you’re interested in finding out more information about the Leadership Network or even attending this event contact our office on 
or visit

Believing for an amazing finale of 2013 for your church!

Joel A’Bell

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