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 24 – 28 August, 2020

24 – 28 August, 2020

You’re Invited…

You’re Invited…

As a church Hillsong wholeheartedly supports the highly effective work of Compassion through local church projects that are “releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name.”

We’ve created a unique opportunity to experience firsthand the work of Compassion in neighbouring Indonesia, with a small group of like-minded Senior Pastors from within the Hillsong Leadership Network.

This memorable week that will bring you face-to-face with God’s work through His local Church for children living in the midst of rural and urban poverty.

Trip Highlights

Trip Highlights


Compassion Projects

Hear the laughter, see the classrooms and join in the fun at both urban and rural child development centres.


Home Visits

Gain new perspective when you step inside the home and meet the family the children Compassion support.


Local Pastors

Meet local pastors, hear their stories and understand the impact of Compassion on the local church.


Lifelong Friendships

Spend a week with awesome leaders (like yourself) from across Australia & New Zealand.


Fun Activities

Experience the best of Bali, from the beach to the mountains, along with fresh local cuisine everyday.

Hosted By

Hosted By

Nathanael & Bec Wood

Hillsong NSW Oversights

Tim & Nicola Douglass

Hillsong VIC Oversights

Kent & Rose Medwin

Hillsong Hobart



Settle in with an arrival dinner with Compassion Graduates



Visit a local Compassion Project in bustling urban Denpasar



Drive up through the beautiful mountains to a rural  Compassion Project



Step inside the home of a child and discover their personal story of hope



Drive back to the city before individual departures in the evening

You are welcome to arrive earlier or stay later than the prescribed itinerary.

*The Compassion Insight Trip schedule is full of extra surprises and subject to change.


Compassion Insight Trip

$1,000 per person


+ International flights and transfers
+ 4 nights accommodation including porterage
+ All daily breakfast, lunches and dinner
+ Air conditioned transportation

Common Questions

Common Questions

Who is invited to join this trip?

This Insight Trip is for Senior Pastors that are members of the Hillsong Leadership Network from Australia, New Zealand and Asia. It is preferable for both spouses to attend, but unfortunately children are unable to join.

How often are these Insight Trips hosted?

These Insight Trips are hosted a once or twice a year. If these dates don’t work for your schedule but you are especially keen to experience a future trip – please let the Hillsong Leadership Network team know.

How much is the investment for the trip?

Compassion generously subsidise a significant proportion of the trip expenses, including your flights in order to make it as accessible as possible. The remaining cost to you is $1,000 per person, due upfront on registration to confirm your place.

Do I/my church need to be partnering with Compassion?

You do not need to be personally sponsoring or your church partnering with Compassion in order to attend this trip. Neither is there any commitment required to do so before or in the future.

Will I be able to meet my sponsor child?

If you currently have a sponsor child in Bali then the Compassion team will try to arrange opportunity for you to meet during the Insight Trip.

Can I customise the itinerary?

Should you wish to arrive earlier, or stay later than the scheduled itinerary you are more than welcome to do so by covering your own additional expenses.