Dear Senior Pastor,

Since the very conception of Hillsong Church, our heart has been to connect, equip and serve the Local Church – which includes your ministry and the people in your world, helping you to flourish and reach your God-given potential.

Although our planet faces ever-increasing global crisis, when the Church unites, we gather forces to push back the powers of darkness and gain ground for the Kingdom of God. We are entrusted with the only authentic hope for humanity, a very bright light in a dark and threatening world – Jesus.

There is something very powerful about a company of people, encouraging each other to embrace our cities and nations with the love, hope and goodness of a compassionate and faithful God. Collectively we are making a difference for Jesus – we are better together!

The goal of Pastors Connect is to “equip pastors and leaders to flourish”, and we do this through nurturing relationships with leaders and resourcing you to grow healthy churches – whether that’s through local gatherings, international retreats or online resources found on this Portal.

In fact, through Pastors Connect we can share with you the combined experience of 39 years of Hillsong Church, in all its different shapes, sizes and contexts around the world. While Hillsong is definitely not a perfect church, there are Biblical principles we have learned through both trial and error, and through the many varied and valuable partnerships we have held over the years that direct the practical, day-to-day behind-the-scenes of all our ministerial endeavours.

More than ever, we believe that together, as individual believers and churches, we have the opportunity to bring answers, hope and love to a world seeking truth. We would love to connect, encourage and invest in you through Pastors Connect as together, in partnership, we advance His Kingdom on earth.


  • A Global Community

    Pastors Connect is a global community of Senior Pastors united in partnership with Hillsong Church to see the Church rise up in influence and stature. Through personal relationship with the Hillsong team our desire is to practically resource you to grow a healthy local church.

    Our Members are invited to intimate live training events throughout the year, supplemented by downloadable resources from our Online Portal.

  • Leaning In Heart & Soul

    Our community includes churches of various sizes, ages, traditions, languages and denominations. The ‘by-invitation’ Membership welcomes like-minded Senior Pastors who have an unquenchable passion to grow a healthy local church and have expressed their desire to lean in to the heart and soul of Hillsong Church.

    Our Members appreciate the longterm support and encouragement available – fully knowing that we are better together!

  • Behind-The-Scenes

    Senior Pastors are invited to peek behind-the-scenes of Hillsong Church and learn from both our highs and lows. Our Members are keen to expand their frame of reference, and realise the potential of being found in an environment of generous sharing, constant learning and creative innovation.

    None of us are, or ever will be perfect churches, but together we can learn and sharpen one another.

Event Invitations

You're invited to join us at events designed to help your catch the culture and understand exactly how Hillsong Church functions, in an up-close and personal environment.

  • Each year we host a few multi-day retreats across our global Hillsong locations that are available to you to foster meaningful relationships with like-spirited leaders.

  • One day gatherings in key global cities with Ps Phil Dooley and/or a visiting guest speaker for candid and targeted conversation in a relaxed and personal environment.

  • Join a small group of Senior Pastors for an unforgettable experience discovering the Holy Land in our biennial 'Taste of Israel Tour'.

  • Complimentary tickets and reserved seating at Hillsong worship concerts.

Conference Benefits

We can't wait to host you as our guest at our flagship Hillsong Conference and ensure the experience is relaxing, refreshing and feels like "home" with these special benefits.

  • Two discounted Hillsong Conference registration rate. Save $100 per person.

  • Invitations to a pastors lounge, reserved seating and intimate suppers where you can continue to develop empowering relationships with our team and other Members.

  • Access to quality accommodation at the most convenient hotels nearby.

Exclusive Access

Our goal through Pastors Connect is to give you an exclusive peek into the DNA of Hillsong Church through access to candid Staff Meetings and personal Concierge support.

  • Receive a monthly leadership teaching from Ps Phil Dooley granting you unparalleled access into our culture through our Staff Meetings. Gather your own team together to watch and discuss.

  • A private podcast feed curated with signature messages from Staff Meetings, Heart & Soul nights, Connect Group Leaders training and much more – taught by our key leaders as they invest into the culture of their teams.

  • Your personal Concierge is always available to help answer any questions you might have about Hillsong, and provide introductions for your and any of your team to our key staff.

  • Hosting and behind-the-scenes access when visiting any of our locations around the world so you can build relationship and get your questions answered.

  • Receive a 30% discount year round off all Hillsong resources - including teaching, books, music, apparel, curriculum, Bibles and Conference session recordings.

Craig & Monie Lotze
Victory Faith Church, Spokane, USA

“We are forever grateful for the opportunity to be on the journey together and be a part of the Hillsong Leadership Network. Being connected is a game changer! The relationships, resources, encouragement, revelation, leadership tools, webinars and conferences have all had a huge kingdom impact in our lives and the life of our churches. We are not just better leaders because of it, we are better people! The Network is an answer to prayers we prayed years ago to connect with those who are further down the road than we are and doing the journey well.”

Pastors Connect

A by-invitation Membership for eligible Senior Pastors

Common Questions

  • How much does the Pastors Connect Membership cost per year?

    The Membership is charged in Australian dollars. For Senior Pastors in Australasia, North America, Europe and Asia the membership fee is AU$500/year or AU$50/month. For Senior Pastors in South America the membership fee is AU$200/year or AU$20/month. For Senior Pastors in Africa the membership fee is AU$150/year or AU$15/month.

  • I am not a Senior Pastor, can I join Pastors Connect?

    The goal of Pastors Connect is to champion Senior Pastors and the local churches they lead. To this end the resources, trainings and conversations we facilitate within Pastors Connect concern how to specifically grow a healthy local church. Organisation leaders and para-church ministries are welcome to join as a complimentary Associate and make use of the Online Portal resources.

  • Can I still apply for Pastors Connect Membership without a personal invitation?

    Pastors Connect is for Senior Pastors who share the same heart and soul as Hillsong Church; therefore the majority of our Members are personally invited to join by a member of the Hillsong team out of pre-existing and ongoing relationship. If you are not yet connected with any our team, you may still complete an application letting us know more about yourself and together we can work out your best next step.

  • Is Pastors Connect only open to specific denominations?

    Pastors Connect is a community of Senior Pastor from local, Biblically-based churches and ministries, of like-spirit and like-mind, from across the globe. These are local churches, which are not linked to Hillsong Church in any way other than relationally. Pastors Connect is not a denominational movement or spiritual covering, and is not designed to replace nor compete with existing affiliations. Instead it is a place for churches of various denominations and styles to be connected, encouraged and resourced.

  • I'm just about to plant a church, should I join as a Member?

    We love to champion church planters and have resources and team available to support this vital mission. In the preliminary stages of planting a church, finance can often be limited and therefore we would encourage church planters in the planning phase to take advantage of all the resources and webinars available at the complimentary Associate level before applying to join Pastors Connect.

  • Are there any payment plans are available?

    We appreciate that paying the full Membership dues all at once may be a challenge for some churches, therefore you have the choice to pay for your annual Membership in either a one-off annual payment or 12 monthly automatic payments. Please note that if you do select the monthly payment plan, you are still committing to an annual Membership.

  • What will happen at the end of my annual subscription?

    At the end of the annual subscription period all Pastors Connect Memberships are set for automatic renewal. For all Membership changes, please email the Pastors Connect Concierge team at least 30 days prior to the end of your subscription.

  • I've been a Member of the Leadership Network previously, can I join again without applying?

    In 2020, our membership model moved to 'by invitation' to reflect our heart and intention to build a community of like-minded Senior Pastors leaning in to the heart and soul of Hillsong Church. If you have previously been a Member, you are welcome to complete an application form letting us know your reasons for wanting to rejoin.