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    Access an exclusive library of 150+ webinar recordings covering all areas of church life.

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    Church-building resources that take you behind-the-scenes of our programs and processes.

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    Be the first to hear about online and local training events for leaders like you.

Webinar Library

Hosted by key members of the Hillsong team around the world, your complimentary Associate access grants you access to 150+ webinar recordings covering all areas of church life.

Resource Library

Browse an extensive library of processes across the life of Hillsong Church. With complimentary Associate access you can read, copy and download 100s of church-building tools so that you don't have to start from scratch.

Event Invitations

Subscribing as a complimentary Associate ensures you’ll receive invitations to live training events hosted by the Hillsong team, both online and in cities near you where you can catch the heart and spirit of Hillsong Church.

Associate Access

For all pastors, leaders and volunteers

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  • Preaching Tips

    Receive a bite-sized preaching tip to your inbox each week from Ps Robert Fergusson.

  • Preaching Course

    Enrol in over 9 hours of training from key members of the Hillsong preaching team.

  • Pastors Connect Membership

    Join a tribe of local Church leaders that share the “heart & soul” of Hillsong Church.

Weekly Preaching Tips

Upskill your preaching in 1 minute a week…

Subscribe for free to receive this bite-sized training from Robert Fergusson, Global Teaching Pastor of Hillsong Church, delivered conveniently to your inbox each week.

Preaching Course

This online course unpacks nine different topics integral to Hillsong’s preaching and teaching ethos.

Enjoy over nine hours of training across 53 exclusive videos. Learn by yourself with an Individual License or study as a team through a cost-effective Team License.

Pastors Connect

A by-invitation Membership for eligible Senior Pastors